Alimony is one of the most contentious issues involved in any divorce and the manner in which this issue is resolved can critically impact the future course of your life. When it comes to finding good alimony attorneys, there are many factors to consider, including:

The Company’s Reputation

There are many Bountiful alimony attorneys to choose from, but not all of these firms have the sterling reputation enjoyed by the associates with Douglas D. Adair, Attorney at Law. Divorce is difficult enough to handle without all the added problems that come with hiring a lawyer, particularly one of the many who is more interested in making money than they are in advocating your position. That is why it is always advisable to research the reputation of any firm of attorneys you are considering for representation. Apart from their track record of success in negotiating alimony settlements, you need to find out how well they work with clients and how willing they are to work with you in terms of fee assessment for their services. After all, every divorce is different, and which alimony attorney represents you is a significant decision that will impact your outcome.


When you are going through a divorce, it is important to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible. No one wants to be defined by a divorce that could last years, and divorce proceedings can become especially prolonged when there are issues of alimony to be settled. When you are looking for a firm of Bountiful alimony attorneys, you should take the time to interview the attorney in charge of your case to determine how quickly your divorce can be finalized. Of course, the time it takes to settle alimony issues depends in part on the legal maneuvers employed by your ex-spouse. However, a good team of alimony attorneys should still be able to expedite your divorce proceedings despite any delaying tactics used by the opposing side.

Proactive Course of Action

Alimony settlements are so contentious because neither spouse wants to be left in a poor financial position once the divorce is finalized. As unethical as it is, many people try to get around paying alimony by hiding their assets until the divorce is settled. The best alimony attorneys are those who will be proactive in handling your alimony case. At our firm, we always take the time to thoroughly investigate the financial history of your ex-spouse in order to determine the true extent of the assets to which you are entitled. We also pursue any course of action we deem necessary to get you the most advantageous alimony settlement possible.

If you are looking for the best Bountiful alimony attorneys, look no further than the experienced, caring professionals at the firm of Douglas D. Adair, Attorney at Law. We will do everything it takes to ensure that you get the alimony you deserve, and we will work hard for a speedy conclusion to your alimony battle.