Most people would agree that it is the obligation of both parents to provide their children with the care needed to be healthy and successful in life When the child does not live with both parents under the same roof, as in the case of separation, divorce, or in some cases when the parents were not in a relationship with each other, the court will often decide how much financial support needs to be paid by the obligor parent to this end. Child support is often decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the financial situation of both parents and the needs of the child.

In most cases, child support is an ongoing payment that will be due until the child reaches legal adulthood. The payment amount can sometimes be renegotiated if one of the concerned parties experiences major changes in their financial situation. Legal counsel can help represent you and make sure that your rights and needs are satisfied when the court is deciding on whether child support is due, and how much should be paid.