Some of the most devastating events in your life can happen at a moment's notice, leaving you no time to react. Unfortunately, divorce is one of those life experiences that often take people by surprise. Even for those marriages where the individuals involved recognize the warning signs, it is still often shocking when you realize that things have come to the point where separation is inevitable. The emotional stress of going through such a situation can make it difficult to make the hard decisions that a divorce involves. These decisions feel so final, and it often feels as if you're going to make the wrong move and lose custody or more. You don't have to do this alone. With our specialization in divorce and family law, we can help you make those tough choices and face your situation with the desire to come to a settlement that works for you and your family. There are a number of reasons why we are one of the most sought-after legal firms in Utah, but the most crucial is that we put the client first, always.

Long Standing Legal Experience

As one of the most experienced Utah legal firms, we know how the legal system works when it comes to family law and divorce law. We have worked with a wide variety of clients over the years, and we understand how different every situation is. As much as we might wish it were true, in divorce, there is no universal solution. Just as every marriage and every family is different, so is every divorce lawyer. There are a number of varying factors that will affect the course of your divorce, and we can help you determine what aspects will most impact your future.

In-Depth Knowledge of the Law

We are uniquely positioned to be of assistance with a wide variety of legal matters within the realm of family law. Most divorces hinge on custody issues, and custody issues can become very complicated and painful very quickly. When it is a clear-cut case of joint custody where both parents are fit to care for the children and are willing to work together as co-parents, the matter is simpler. However, we know firsthand that there are many instances where one parent cannot care for the child or is even a danger to them. It is also very common for one parent to sue for sole custody, in which case a divorce proceeding can become very complex very quickly. With our in-depth knowledge of Utah State family law, we can help you handle any of these issues, retain your parental rights, and come to a custody arrangement that benefits you as well as your children.

Ability to Handle Immigration Matters in Divorce

Many people looking up “Utah Divorce Attorneys” online might hesitate to actually choose a reputable firm because they are concerned about their legal status. After all, it is completely understandable that a non-U.S. citizen might have concerns about their legal or citizenship status when contemplating divorce. However, as long as you entered the country legally and embarked on your marriage in good faith, you will not be damaging your circumstances with a divorce. We can help you navigate the waters of immigration law as it concerns your legal status along with helping you seek a fair resolution to all of your divorce-related legal issues.

Divorce is always a difficult experience, rife with all sorts of hidden costs and confusing legalities that can make the process seem impossibly daunting. If you find yourself in this complex situation, please don’t hesitate to call our stellar team of divorce attorneys at Douglas D. Adair, Attorney at Law. We will do everything within our power to ensure that your divorce is finalized fairly and quickly, and that any legal matters are settled to your advantage.