While all of our practice falls under the umbrella of family legal counsel, there are still a number of services within the category of family law.

Divorce Attorney
As a divorce attorney, we cover all aspects of divorce legal proceedings. This includes representation in court, third party mediation, and drafting divorce agreements and settlements. We can also refer you to financial experts that specialize in matters pertaining to separation and divorce, to help avoid taxation penalties and ensure that settlements are fair to all parties involved.

Paternity Attorney
Representation in paternity matters is a special situation where we benefit greatly from extensive experience. Generally speaking, putative fathers are men who have yet to establish or verify their legal relationship with a child, or allege to be a child’s biological father but were not married to the child’s mother at time of birth. If you are a putative father, we can represent you as you work to become legally involved in your child’s life.

Adoption Attorney
Adopting a child can be a long and difficult legal process. Having counsel on your side can help you navigate all of the ins and outs of adoption law, including working with the foster or adoption agency and changing the child’s legal surname. Don’t go through this process without representation.

Custody Attorney
The law doesn’t assume that one parent or the other will be the most fit to take on custody of a child. Each case is unique, and a custody specialist attorney can help make sure your rights and your child’s needs are met. Whether you are seeking full custody, joint custody, visitation rights, or something unique to your situation, we can help.

Alimony Attorney
Alimony payments exist to make sure that all parties in a divorce will be able to endure financially. It doesn’t have to mean a burden on one party to support the other indefinitely. Alimony should be viewed as a fair way of ensuring that parties that need or deserve financial support for a period of time can get it. Make sure that you are represented fairly.

Child Support Attorney
Any loving parent knows that their child needs to be taken care of. Child support is a means to legally ensure that your children will continue to receive the financial assistance they need. Our practice excels in helping ensure you are legally guaranteed the right amount of support for your children.

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