Even with a great divorce attorney, emotions can sometimes drive the cost of separation to astronomical heights.  Many are aware of the settlement between Mel Gibson and his former wife Robyn Moore Gibson at an amount greater than $425 Million.  This is why it’s critical to execute the divorce with as much grace and finesse as possible.  As many divorce attorneys have seen, husband and wife can be like two ships passing side-by-side in the ocean with their cannons ready to fire.  It is important for all parties concerned, especially children; that the adults not fire upon one another despite their inclinations to do so.  Although there are many cases where one spouse is simply unreasonable regardless of efforts made to maintain peace, it is always vital to remember that stoking the fires of anger never produces favorable consequences. 

Other noteworthy divorces include:  Madonna and Guy Ritchie at over $75 Million.  Steven Spielberg and Amy Irving at $100 Million.  Michael and Juanita Jordan at over $150 Million.

Although couples often try not to engage one another on sour terms, the temptation is real and personal.  It is vital to establish ground rules for communication through your divorce attorney.  Despite the large sums in these divorce cases, many of the attorneys involved had done a fantastic job to protect their client’s assets.

How to help your kids in the middle of a heated divorce

The topic of children and divorce is one that often inspires discomfort in those who are burdened by the necessity of discussion.  However, as a responsible and loving parent, creating a strategy for the separation proceedings that will help to strengthen and nurture the child, is in everyone’s best interests.  One of the most critical methods of protecting a youth in a divorce case is to avoid asking them to act as a pseudo-attorney – or spy.  Regardless of the circumstances by which the divorce came about, it is imperative to establish or reestablish trust within the family unit.  Although your spouse may not exercise these same ethics, you can easily shield yourself from harm by only telling children what they need to know. 

What do children need to know during a separation?

Unless there is abuse that could potentially harm the child, it is vital to maintain a philosophy of ‘less is more’ when discussing the separation with them.  This can also be used as an important life lesson on how to be the bigger person, and face uncomfortable situations with dignity.  Although this may sound somewhat preachy, and carries the odor of an after-school special, the principles are still correct.

It would be ideal to think of your child as an ambassador that is trapped between two countries.  In order for your child to maintain their sanity and a sense of balance, they need not hear the details of any skirmishes that have come about during the divorce.  This allows the child to be neutral, and more importantly, not to share, or derive inflammatory comments that could be damaging to all parties involved.  It is important during a divorce to let your attorney do the fighting, so that you can live your life under a white flag of truce.  Although it is often bittersweet, the freedom that comes from the final resolution allows everyone a sigh of relief.  Whether they admit it or not, everyone who goes through a separation is always extremely glad when it is finished.  With the right legal team, you can finish strong!